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Hey there folks! Maybe I’m just dumb, but I got a new phone, installed Litchi again, logged in and all my settings are still default. Is there any way to backup my settings from the old phone and restore them on the new one? I don’t want to have to go through and set everything back up again.

Do you ever use the mission hub?
I’m dumb for sure.

I use a computer to create and edit all my missions, etc.
Do you use your phone for all?

Look for maybe a Sync?


I used it once, but haven’t had the drone for very long.

Kind of a lost cause now though. Was doing a quick flight yesterday, got about 3 minutes in, and the controller lost signal, no biggy usually it just returns home, I got closer and signal came back only for me to find out it must not have known where home was because it decided to start landing… in traffic! I tried to cancel the land several times because I had a connection, but it would not cancel, and I couldn’t take control. I watched it land in the middle of road and by the time I got around the corner to grab it 4 cars had run it over.

There goes that investment… I didn’t have insurance because it was a refurb unit and DJI wouldn’t allow the total care thing. :frowning: It was a Mavik Mini 1, so I was able to find a drone only on ebay for a fair price, hopefully it works out ok. Totally bummed though. I think I had a total 8 flights.

Well that makes your day.
Were you doing a Litchi Mission?

Rereading your post I’m not sure what settings you wanted to restore. I was thinking your saved missions?

Let us know.


I am not aware of a way to back up and restore the settings from the Litchi app on your phone or tablet.

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That is about the worst drone calamity I’ve ever heard of bar none. At least the drone didn’t impact the windshield of a fast moving car on its way down to that unexpected final landing, and it was equally fortunate that the drone was a relatively inexpensive model easily replaced after a post mortem has been conducted to ensure nothing of the sort recurs.

If that sequence of events had befallen my beloved Mavic 2 Pro, I wouldn’t know whether to have a bottle in front of me, or a frontal lobotomy.


I lost my P2V+ $1400 July 2015. 15 miles from my house.
Takes an hour to drive to the take off point.
Friends, etc. Over 40 man hours in three months looking for it.
Have not found it yet.

If Marco isn’t ready, I’m not flying.

Yes, causing a crash would suck.


When I read things like this, it makes me feel really glad that I have got my drone insured with a specialist insurance company here I the UK, in fact I got my renewal quote come through today, £48 for the next year, and that includes £1,000,000 public liability cover, well worth it for peace of mind


Yeah, I manged to recover the video file and it looks like it go hit about 6 inches from the ground. Best I can tell it actually did start returning to home. Then I regained video and canceled the return hoping to salvage the flight. It then did a 360 and decided to land. I have no idea why I couldn’t cancel the land. I tried 4 or 5 times, but down it came. Had video feed the whole time.

In hind sight I was in a bit of a rush because I only had 30 minutes to do a quick survey of a friend’s mother’s property that had caught fire. Possibly I didn’t give enough time for things to settle and it didn’t have good GPS. When I took off it limited the altitude and said no GPS, but shortly after it got a lock and was fine.

To complicate things I’m in an authorization zone as well. I had already done a flight an hour before and had authorized the drone for flight in the area. On previous flights I haven’t had to get a second auth before, but maybe that had something do with it too?

Thanks for the replies! Does anyone have a good insurance company for the US that will insure used drones? I’m thinking it might be worth it especially if it’s only like $40 for a year and the replacement premium is fair.

Yeah, I was flying manually with Litchi. Perhaps there are some logs I can pull that can say why it wouldn’t cancel the auto land?

I was mainly looking for a way to copy all my settings, like my AirData token and preferences and such. I ended up going through each menu one by one and comparing it to what I had setup on the old phone.

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I’m starting to get an idea of the events , but its getting more twisted.
Android’s are easier to pull the data. but you had lost signal, It would still be worth a try.

Retrieving the data from, what I call the black box (the SD card was encrypted) when they mad the Mavic.

OMG, this topic got huge since I was on these forums!

Rod… :ok_hand:

Wow, thanks! I will look through that thread and see what I can come up with. I am using Android, so maybe there is some hope. I just want to try and see what I did wrong to make sure this doesn’t happen again. I almost wish there was an option to simply go in to a hover on a failed return rather than an auto land. Maybe only auto-land if the battery gets to 10%.

We humans make mistakes when we get in a hurry, I have done it many times.

I had some thoughts for you, then you replied what happen.
That sucks bad, at least you found it.

Rod …

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An adequate answer to the key question has been given by @wesbaris, this is not a chatroom.