back-to-back execution of two or more missions?

Would it be possible to choose more than one mission for execution? Say, back-to-back execution of a curved-flight mission and a linear-flight mission as to enable camera actions in the linear segment?

Just fly them back to back manually, so once you’ve finished the curved one, just load the straight line one then fly that

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But what if we want another curved flight afterwards? It becomes a longer and longer sequence of manually launched missions, just to be able to intermix videos and photos…

Alternatively, could the missions be hybrid, allowing some waypoints to be curved-waypoints and others linear-waypoints (camera actions allowed)?

Why not just create a single Mission Hub waypoint flight plan that incorporates all the camera angles that you want to see? Straight lines, curves, and orbits can all be included in any given flight plan created on the Litchi Mission Hub. Set up points of interest and that camera will at some point face every single perspective that you may have in mind.

Multiple missions back to back imply there will be “refueling” landings to replace batteries after each mission is completed, which can of course be done, depending on your requirements.

but only linear missions can take camera actions. the entire mission needs to be linear style, which means the drone will stop at waypoints. that messes up the video footage we’re interested in.

came across various forum posts that also bring up this issue, so I was hoping either hybrid missions or back-to-back mission linking would help.

Ah, I see. I’ve always extracted stills from video footage without taking any photographs during the flight.

yes, exactly the gap…

Running missions in sequence is a good idea.

Maybe look to see what other software is out there, I personally have Litchi, Rainbow Pro, and Dronelink, as there isn’t 1 tool out there that will do everything

Litchi already does this when he does 9999 waypoints for drones that only support 99 waypoints. The mission is simply broken down into several sequentially launched missions. However, this cannot be forced. It would be a nice feature.

that is very encouraging to hear… we would just need to sequence curved and linear missions.

Perhaps what is needed is a change in behavior of camera actions on Litchi.

Currently, the path mode in settings must be set to straight lines in order for camera actions to function. It is not enough to simply set the curve size to zero for a given waypoint. What if this behavior was changed so that setting the curve size to zero for a given waypoint was all that is needed for camera actions to work? This would make it much easier to combine both video and photos in a single mission.

Yeah that would make sense.

One of the pieces of software that i use, if you start off with a mission that’s say capturing video and you then decide at some point you want it to take a photo, you can just drop a photo in and the software will automatically split the video mission and take the photo, once the photo is taken it will then continue with the mission shooting video

I can see why it might be safer to force the drone to come to a full stop before taking any camera actions --we may not know how long the action will take: AEB bracketing, panorama, etc. are multi-step actions and if the drone was allowed to keep moving along its path, it might undermine the camera action’s assumptions. Adding camera actions to curved (non-stopping) would not address this issue.

the following two approaches would support the video + photo use case: 1) allow back-to-back mission execution, or 2) allow hybrid mission types, blending an arbitrary mix of “curved-flight” waypoints with “linear-flight” waypoints.

what do you think?