Automatic restart to create loop

When ending the waypoint, you can set the drone to return to its starting position.
Can there be a possibility to have his route restart automatically?

Its not clear what you mean.

It sounds like you would like an option for the drone, once the mission completes, to fly back to waypoint #1 and repeat the mission. This is currently not an option, but now that you have requested it, we’ll see if any others comment on its desirability.

Not sure why you would want to refly the same mission, but I guess for those that want it its a good idea

I could see that being a nice easy feature… Or better yet “just” make it an “Actions” event option “Jump to Waypoint # in existing mission”.

Better better yet, a bit more work…Have an Action option be a conditional… It could get nice and fun and complicated(maybe make it ‘advanced mode’ checkbox)… If battery level less-than %x; Jump to Waypoint #. If y, Reverse Mission? If “Wind warning” Jump to…

With this I could patrol a route until battery is sufficiently low. A specific “Waypoint” could also jump to itself to hover at specific altitude instead of land at the end?(until battery runs completely down). Have the battery conditional in the first WP.

I do some uncommon flights with my little Mini SE, over water. With this option I could have WPs depending on battery status jump to alternate “hover”(landing when no other choice) positions.

Reminds me of a “pet peeve” after follow me/RTH where on RTH it would land… I’d like to have it hover until battery absolutely forces landing(time to get under it/recover).

Isn’t there an option for ‘reverse flight’ once you have completed the mission? OK not exactly what was asked but a work round maybe.