Automated creation of timelapse with a mission


I would like to create a timelapse video from a static point. Is it possible to do that with Litchi?
I am interested in two methods with automation:

  1. The drone take off, fly to point X, stay there for example 15 minutes, taking pictures in every 5 seconds, then return home and land.

  2. The drone take off, fly to point X, take a picture at a specified direction, the return home, land, wait for a specified time and repeat the whole process again.

So far I could only manage creating interval pictures while my drone was flying from point A to point B.
Tried the waypoint action of staying there, but seems the time that you can give as an input is quite limited…

Use “Camera Settings” (13) to take pictures at intervals while hovering.
You can do this in either Litchi or the DJI app (read your drone’s User Manual).

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