Auto Record Setting (Where do I find it?)

I have seen references in other posts to the “Auto Record” setting.

I saw one post which said to change the Auto Record setting in the Interval options for the Capture Mode option of the Camera Settings.

Apparently I am missing something, probably a symptom of OFD, but I am not able to find the “Auto Record” setting on my DJI Smart Controller (
Litchi version 4.26.0-a 11Nov2022) attached to my Mavic Air 2 aircraft.

Its on the camera tab in settings


Thank you very much!
Been a snake, I’d a got bit :cowboy_hat_face:
Your example show v24.46.0-g
My version, which I just updated from Amazon Appstore this morning (and verified just now), is V24.26.0-a
Why the difference?

no idea @Jim_Smithheisler , updated mine yesterday, might be be because I’m on beta program

Sounds reasonable. I was just curious.