Attitude indicator - great for mild winds

As a DJI Mini 2 user I am used to DJI Fly App and in mild winds I often peek onto its attitude indicator to assess immediate wind conditions. It’s much more insightful than to panic over (be in fear of) sudden “strong winds” warning and abort your mission when there’s no real need to. Or to the contrary fail to react to it as no supportive evidence is presented to the pilot.



There seems to be plenty of room for it in the radar. Having it aircraft-bound (DJI Fly) instead of north-bound (Litchi) could be another option but I don’t see it as a must.

I would like to have the same indicator as in DJI Fly, the icons of the location of the mobile device and homepoint going around the circle, not the drone icon in the center, pretty confusing.

But yes, totally agree, the attitude indicator is very important!


I have asked for this feature before in emails to Litchi. It is a great tool for situational awareness and would be greatly appreciated. Great suggestion!


I would love to have this added.


I do agree. It’s a very useful tool, especially if your drone is struggling to return.


Please vote for the feature (on top) if you still have votes left. Thank you.


Voted :+1: Like you say it would be a valuable addition

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I agree, me too. I just thought they might be reluctant to make radar aircraft-bound (i.e. Home, RC, North going around in circles) as they might think their old users are used to the way it is now. But even so, I don’t want it to be a blocker of adding the attitude indication in some way.


They could make a new setting where you could choose which one you prefer, just like you can change the maps provider.


Another vote for this from me, great idea

Pretty much the only thiing keeping Litchi from being my everyday control app.


Has anyone heard if Litchi is going to add an Attitude indicator to their app?

I agree with all of the previous comments around how useful that indicator is. It’s really the only thing you have to have any idea for the amount of wind there is at the altitude the drone is at. One of the first things I do when I take off is to go to a couple hundred feet up and look at the Attitude indictor to determine both which way the wind is going (by which way the drone is tilting) and how strong the window is (by how much the drone is tilting). If where I need to fly is with the wind, I know in the back of my mind that I’m going to need to fly against the wind on the way back, and I can plan for it. Without an attitude indicator, there is no way to know what the wind is like the drone is, until you get a wind warning and it’s possible too late to be able to get back against the wind that I had no way to know about.

It’s very surprising that the app doesn’t have an Attitude indicator… the app does soo many other things that the DJI Fly app doesn’t do, except for that indicator. I was ready to full on switch over and use Litchi as my flying app but, until the app has an Attitude indicator, I’m going to need to continue using the DJI Fly app. It’s not worth possibly losing a $1000+ drone.

Litchi, please add an Attitude indicator to your app.