Asking for starting waypoint

Have many missions programmed without being asked for a starting waypoint. Settings seem correct. Last mission asked for a starting waypoint.
Error message about gps lock. Phantom 3 pro indicated satellite acquisition. Mission would not run. Any suggestions? Thanks, Phil

Surely the first waypoint is the launch point or close to it. I cannot see how a flight plan can be created such that the waypoint sequence begins from the second waypoint, since the first mouse click creates waypoint 1.

The GPS lock error message is likely to be unrelated to the Litchi waypoint issue you mention.

You would think. I’ve always set my first waypoint above the launch point. fly the drone up to the approximate altitude and hit go. never an issue.

Make sure you have Location Services turned on, on the device that is running the app or the hotspot to which it is connected.

Version 4.16.0-g (Nov 26, 2019)
-When starting a waypoint mission, you can now choose to start at a specific waypoint rather than from the beginning.

Perhaps you never noticed it because WP1 is set to default.

A mission will not start when:
-The Home Point has not been set in the app.
-The drone is still on the ground with spinning motors.
-The starting waypoint is too far from the Home Point (more than 1000m with the P3P).

The connected device does NOT need location services, otherwise an iPad without cellular would not work.