Are DJI Mini 2 and Litchi compatible? Does it connect without problems?

Greetings to all, friend, I have a DJI mini 2 and I really liked the Litchi, I have not bought it yet because I have doubts if it is compatible and works well, could someone tell me if they are compatible? Does it work well? Do you know? Do they connect well?.. Thank you very much

Litchi is compatible with the Mini 2, because the Mini 2 operates under the MSDKv4.
Litchi will NOT work with the Mini 2 SE, just in case you are curious.


Thanks Sam, very kind of you for the information… regards

It connects and works great!

Thank you John, very kind

It works very good, I have used it many times, a worthwhile investment

Thank you Jeff, very kind of you

Works well with the Mini 2 I have one and love how Litchi opens up so much more you can do with the drone!

Hi Carlos,
I’ve come to this party a bit late but as confirmed by the others Litchi works very well with the mini2. I use it a lot without any major problems. You need a good line-of-sight between the controller and the drone so trees and buildings can interfere with the signal but no more so than when flying manually. Certainly worth the money.

Works, but unfortunately not autonomously … depends on continuous signals from the controller.

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Hi, Litchi mounted on Android and controlling my Dji mini 2 perfectly, thank you all very much for your interest and information given… Regards

Litchi and Mini 2 are a match heaven! I use them both together regularly. Litchi unlocks all thenprevious featuresbthat we used to have in the DJI Go app but for a sub 250g drone. I mostly use the Orbit mode, but its always worked flawlessly.

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