App will not open on acer one 10

Anyone know why this app won’t open on my tablet? I click on the app and it shows a tab that says app has stopped. Trying to get this working for my little guy on the tablet so he doesn’t need my phone. Does the drone need to be connected to the tablet for the app to open? Sorry I’m sure these are dumb questions but I am new to this

No, this app opens and works without a drone

Ok do you have any idea why it’s completely installed but when I click the app it starts to open but then an icon pops up that says litchi isn’t responding? I’m kinda a newbie just trying to get this thing working for my little guy

Try closing and/or force closing and/or uninstalling as much other Apps as you can to free up resources (RAM & ROM memory).

I suspect this tablet is a bit old to work well with Litchi what is the android version?