App crashing plus not connecting to DJI Mavic mini when stable

Hi I am having problems with my Samsung Galaxy A02 cell phone (model no SM-A0222F/DS - Android version 11) with App crashing after it loads the database. Have tried installing the DJI Fly which also crashes on installing APK file DJI_Fly_1.9.4_.apk Have a DJI Mavic Mini with C2 Controller (model : MRISD25)

When the registered Litchi app does run it will not connect to DJI Mavic Mini drone but trying to connect seems to be communicating with lights flashing when trying to connect but as soon as the controller stops trying the Drone pings and flashing changes…

See this post:


Problem resolved downloaded older 30004310.apk 2.5? Litchi version I picked up on previous Help request. Had a good flight this morning with 0% issues… :slight_smile:

From what I have read there is a problem with a file DJI need to update and until then you will have to stay with the older version…