App crashing after DJI download - Samsung A13

Hi, I’ve been using Litchi for a while and went to use it today for the first time in a few weeks. The app crashed immediately and stated there was a bug. I reinstalled it on my Samsung A13 and it then crashed after the DJI download. I don’t have any other DJI apps installed, I’ve closed everything in the background and so on. I’ve seen solutions about creating a ‘second space’ but I cannot find any option to do this on my phone. Help team are non-responsive.

Has anyone else experienced this issue recently?

I have the same problem with my Samsung a13

Tried everything nothing workd

Reset to factory setting lost everything on my Phone

Instald the litchi app cost me €25 again butt still dont work

We are aware of this crash that happens on a few android devices with Litchi 4.26.0
While we investigate and try to fix it, please install and use version 4.25.0

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i can’t update the app,

this is what he says

app that is not installed as a package is found to be invalid

help me fix this please
i want to fly just like before this bug

I Just removed the app and instal the links and its working for now

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