App crash when loading mission

Have just downloaded Litchi Pilot to my RC Pro, flying my Mini 3 Pro. When loading a pre-defined mission (on pc), it first doesn’t show the fligth path - and there is nothing to be “played” (cannot start mission).

When loading a second time, the app crashes and I get to restart the app.

Third time it loads perfectly and I can fly the mission.

Have just tried two times and same happened twice.

PS: So happy Litchi is (almost) available for my drone again. Used to have it in 2017 when I flew my Mavic Pro using the iOS app :slight_smile:

The same thing with me! Everything worked great. But after the latest update of the RC-Pro Controller Software, the exact same symptoms occured. Unfortunately it is not possible to downgrade to the latest working version.

It only occurs on the RCPro. On the RCN1 - Android-Smartphone combination, things are running as intended.

Unfortunately in my case, even at the third and further times, it never runs again. So, the rcpro is actually useless.

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From the Litchi Website:

“6. You’re now ready to use Litchi on your DJI monitor! For the best experience, it is recommended (required for RC Pro) to force stop the DJI Fly/Go app before starting Litchi.
To force stop DJI Fly/Go, go to the device Settings - Apps - DJI Fly/Go - Force Stop”

Just retried: I can see I have to go into settings and force-close Litchi. Then it works. In that way you might also be lucky being able to use the RC Pro again :slight_smile:

I knew about the fact, that Dji-Components must be forced to be shut down. And I think I did. Even after a restart of the RCPro, and not autostarting the dji fly-App, the error occurs. There must something be processing in the background, but hidden to the users since this update, which prevents the litchi app to work as intended.

Newest finding: after a forced termination of the dji-fly app, the litchi pilot app behaves somewhat friendlier. In the first attempt it accepts the selection of a PC-prepared mission, without showing it on the map. In the second run, it terminates and on the third approach finally loaded the mission.

I think, between the second and the third approach the litchi pilot app may not be forced to terminate. If this is done, it ends in an endless loop of missed mission-loading attempts.

Again, this behaviour showed up, after accepting the RC-Pro controllers firmware update. Before this, such a strange behaviour did never occur.

This crash should be fixed in build 279: What's new - Litchi

Thanks for reporting it!