App crash when loading mission

Have just downloaded Litchi Pilot to my RC Pro, flying my Mini 3 Pro. When loading a pre-defined mission (on pc), it first doesn’t show the fligth path - and there is nothing to be “played” (cannot start mission).

When loading a second time, the app crashes and I get to restart the app.

Third time it loads perfectly and I can fly the mission.

Have just tried two times and same happened twice.

PS: So happy Litchi is (almost) available for my drone again. Used to have it in 2017 when I flew my Mavic Pro using the iOS app :slight_smile:

The same thing with me! Everything worked great. But after the latest update of the RC-Pro Controller Software, the exact same symptoms occured. Unfortunately it is not possible to downgrade to the latest working version.

It only occurs on the RCPro. On the RCN1 - Android-Smartphone combination, things are running as intended.

Unfortunately in my case, even at the third and further times, it never runs again. So, the rcpro is actually useless.

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From the Litchi Website:

“6. You’re now ready to use Litchi on your DJI monitor! For the best experience, it is recommended (required for RC Pro) to force stop the DJI Fly/Go app before starting Litchi.
To force stop DJI Fly/Go, go to the device Settings - Apps - DJI Fly/Go - Force Stop”

Just retried: I can see I have to go into settings and force-close Litchi. Then it works. In that way you might also be lucky being able to use the RC Pro again :slight_smile:

I knew about the fact, that Dji-Components must be forced to be shut down. And I think I did. Even after a restart of the RCPro, and not autostarting the dji fly-App, the error occurs. There must something be processing in the background, but hidden to the users since this update, which prevents the litchi app to work as intended.

Newest finding: after a forced termination of the dji-fly app, the litchi pilot app behaves somewhat friendlier. In the first attempt it accepts the selection of a PC-prepared mission, without showing it on the map. In the second run, it terminates and on the third approach finally loaded the mission.

I think, between the second and the third approach the litchi pilot app may not be forced to terminate. If this is done, it ends in an endless loop of missed mission-loading attempts.

Again, this behaviour showed up, after accepting the RC-Pro controllers firmware update. Before this, such a strange behaviour did never occur.

This crash should be fixed in build 279: What's new - Litchi

Thanks for reporting it!

A friend of mine hase exactly the same problem, but on „Litchi for DJI Drones“

Has anyone an idea to fix? All the other apps in the background we have just closed…

Thank, should it bee fixed in „Litchi for DJI Drones“ too?

Look my post upside. :smiley: