Animated flight simulator in the mission hub.

Implement an animation that demonstrates realtime drone behaviour under ideal conditions; eg.

  1. make a mission to travel 30m and elevate 15m
  2. run animation that shows an indicator of the drone’s position on the path, its heading, altitude and flight speed.

The animation could show the drone’s predicted airspeed and altitude in a box next to the indicator, while the heading could be a thin line, extending from the indicator for more precise visualisation of its turning. The animation could highlight POI that the drone was trained on or trying to track at a given moment. Things like that.

The animation would have to follow behaviour as it is affected by Litchi app.
Obviously IRL obstacles and unforseen circumstances would still need to be adressed on location, but functionality like this could enable creators to plan ahead, plan for flight time and troubleshoot some basic issues before heading to a location.

Have you tried the Virtual Litchi Mission (desktop app)? It does a pretty good job of simulating a flight.
No, it doesnt show airspeed, heading, etc but can point out potential problems with a mission before you actually fly it.


I didn’t know about it; it looks interesting and I’ll give it a whirl when I can! :slight_smile:
For now, the main difference I see between the two would be that such functionality, integrated into the website would allow one to work on a mission and adjust settings on the fly, without having to use multiple platforms or intermediate steps.

Moreover, simulating the behaviour of the drone in terms of how settings are interpreted through Litchi’s algorithms would be the main benefit of the interface. To put it in my own example - I came to this idea from the perspective of an issue I have, where the drone turns abruptly at some point of the flight and I can’t tell why. In cases like this tweaking settings one by one is time and battery consuming, and in the end you don’t know if it isn’t just the drone not being able to follow a type of instruction the app is giving.

(The original issue)

To me VLM power, is it can send it to google earth.
I won’t run a mission until I can view it.

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There is an animated flight simulator in the app itself. Set it up as if you were actually going to fly, but then press and hold on the title bar until it turns purple. Once it is IN simulator mode go through all the steps as if you were actually going to fly and it will start the mission. If you are doing this inside, take the props off. it will NOT start the motors if you are doing it correctly, but in case you aren’t take em off.

The App?
So you would do this on a mobile device and have your bird powered on?
Is this on both crApple and Android?


November 2020 Updates

iOS: Litchi for DJI Drones

Version 2.9.0 (November 20, 2020)

  • added Simulator mode that can be used to simulate a flight, enable/disable it with a long press on the top bar’s flight mode (requires a connection to the drone)

Android: Litchi for DJI Drones

Version 4.18.0 (November 20, 2020)

  • added Simulator mode that can be used to simulate a flight, enable/disable it with a long press on the top bar’s flight mode (requires a connection to the drone)




Your bird would actually be powered on to do this procedure, like up to
20 mins?

Just checking.


Well this is awesome; I guess I don’t even have to wait.

The downside seems to be you have to be in range of the location to simulate it. I’m not sure how to extend said range, just increasng the safety radius had no effect, and it’s possible it’s different to each drone.

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Good question!
As you continue does the bird need powered on and have GPS signal?

It would drive me crazy to have it powered up that long.

If the above is true, I’m not going to try it.

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