Abrupt pan in a short and simple mission (Waypoint mode)

I created a mission consisting of 3 waypoints (start, corner and end) and 3 POI.
The idea was to start the mission looking into one direction, then pan to reveal the rest of the scene. The pan motion is far too abrupt and quick in the first second.

Initially it was set up so that each of the waypoints corresponded with appropriate POI. I assumed that was the issue, but as I individually removed POI targets from the waypoints and replaced them with “interpolate” the issue persisted.
This continued through 2-3 separate attempts.

The mission was created in the app, but was also changed through mission hub, with no success.

I will open a thread in the ideas category for a hub flight simulator that would animate drone’s behaviour during ideal flight (heading, altitude, speed, etc).

The video is at dropbox: Dropbox - Abruptpan Dji 0007hbr.mp4 - Simplify your life

Mission can be found in the hub at: Mission Hub - Litchi

Thank you.


Its difficult to determine which version of your mission was the one you shared in the video.
The mission you shared on the hub doesnt have a POI associated with Waypoint2 (it has None).
That could be an issue with the abrupt pan.
When shooting a video that faces toward the outside of a arc, its harder to control the pan speed.
I would suggest additional waypoints and POIs to help smooth out the panning speed.

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Indeed - apologies.

The video is of the mission I shared - by then I had disabled all of the POI and erased the 2nd POI completely, which did not affect the pan.

I will try with more POI and intermediate waypoints. Meanwhile, if anyone has an idea, suggestions are still welcome.

POI’s or no POI’s are not the issue here.
What you are doing is trying to rotate from waypoint 2 to waypoint 3
over an angle of 52 degrees, in just 68 metres distance.
This makes a very rapid turn.at 14 Km/h.

You can …
Change waypoint 2 to 10 Km/h or less
Move waypoint 3 much further away from waypoint 2
Move waypoint 2 much closer to the river and increase the angle to 135 degrees or more

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Because WP2 has no POI associated to it and WP1 does (POI1) the heading of the drone will be fixed on POI1 until the drone reaches WP2.
At WP2 the drone will rotate from 87° to 126° at a speed of 90°/s, then it will gradually rotate from 125° to 177° during the time needed to fly from WP2 to WP3 (about 18 seconds).
You can clearly observe this in the video.

When you change WP2 to POI2, the drone will rotate as expected.
Set POI to ‘None’ for ALL waypoints.

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