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HI folks can someone please tell me which android version i need on a mobile for this app

Litchi is compatible with Android 5 and higher

Are there any specific requirements like processor or memory? I had to get a new phone that would work with dji fly so im hoping this will work with my generic android pad.


Some function require a powerfull smart device, like “Track”.
Read the online User Guide:

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And latest Litchi is working on 32-bit devices!

Please note, that although your hardware is 64-bit, it does not mean, the software is 64-bit!

There are lots of mobiles with 64-bit processor and 32-bit android on it.

Have fun!


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Good Morning. I am new to forums and drones. I just received my dji mini yesterday only to find that I cannot download the dji fly app to my Moto Z android phone. I have Android 8 version. The phone is a 32 bit processor. Are you saying that I can download Litchi app to my phone and it will work with my dji mini?? I am hoping to find a solution that won’t be so expensive that I have to send the mini back. Thank you

Hi Terry,

the latest official version of Litchi (I am running the beta version) is working with 32-bit environment and android version 5 and higher.

I am running android 7 (which is lineageos 14) on my Samsung Galaxy A5 and Litchi is running perfectly.

Please note, you must have a tablet or mobile with a native resolution of higher than 1280 x 800, because with 1280x800 and lower, you will NOT get a video signal on your device - that, although Litchi is running, but the video from the drone is too high and does not fit in the screen. Most devices got higher resolutions, but if you got an older hardware, check this out.

Happy flying!


You need the DJI App for:
-Activating a new drone.
-Firmare updates.
-Calibrating (if needed) the IMU.
-(Re)Naming the drone.
-Some MC settings.
-Some obstacle avoidance settings.
-Gain & Expo tuning.
-Some Remote controller settings:
-Stick Mode
-5D button customization.
-Remote controller calibration.
-Remote controller linking.
-Read the Sensors State.
-Image transmission settings.
-Aircraft battery settings.
-Payload setting.
-Beginner mode.
All these can not be done within Litchi.

Thank you very much Hans. I checked my phone and it is 1920 x1080 resolution. I am backed into a corner so to speak because Amazon says I cannot send the drone back because of flammable hazard (Wonder how they got away with mailing it to me) Also on the dji website they say that they no longer produce the Mavic Mini. How much more can go wrong? lol Maybe I shouldn’t ask that. The only loose end I am concerned with is the reply from Tribar right below your reply. I cannot even download the dji fly app to my phone so could I download the app to my laptop and do the updates and calibrations from there???
Thank You for answering me so promply.

TriBar. I am not able to download the dji fly app to my motorola phone. Can I download the dji fly app to my laptop and do the initial start up, updates and calibrations from from there at home and then go fly with the litchi app???

If you get the apk-file you can install it from sd-card. As far as I know, there is only a paid version available from google playstore, but it is its money worth.

If you have a friend, who pays for you and can download the app for you, he might be able to extract the installed apk from his mobile and copy it to your sd-card. This is, who I backuped my own version, so that I can reinstall it, if soemthing does not work how it should and I have no internet access at that moment.

Said again: You can only get the paid version in google store, and for this, you will not even get the latest official version, you can get the latest beta version (what I really appreciate!).

DJI Fly app can not be installed, if your device is 32-bit! DJI Fly needs 64-bit cpu and 64-bit android.

If your drone is already registered at DJI, you can fly with Litchi. If not, you MUST use DJI Fly for the first registration. If your mobile is 32-bit, ask a friend with a 64-bit mobile to download and register the drone, then you can use Litchi on your 32-bit mobile to fly.

Sorry, blame DJI for this.

Besides: Before I owned my 64-bit mobile, I tried to use DJI Fly on an emulator on my laptop (used anbox), but no success. However, this was with linux, maybe there are better 64-bit android emulators for Windows. But that is hard work! better buy a cheap 64-bit mobile from ebay or so, or just ask a friend of yours.

Best regards


Some hints for 32-bit users:

-Firmare updates.
This can be done with the dji desktop application, or with a tool called “dh-lin_new-x64-v1.24”

-Calibrating (if needed) the IMU.
You can use Rainbow for this.

-Read the Sensors State.
Can be also done with Rainbow.

But generally is to say: There is no drone application, which fits all possible options. Any application, be it DJI Fly, UgCS, Rainbow or Litchi somewhere has its limitations or missing features. But that is ok for me, I know, how hard it is, to create such wonderfull software like Litchi.



Hans Thank you again. I have no problem paying for the litchi app. I can get access to an android phone that will accept the dji fly app and get all the preliminaries done and then use the litchi app on my motorola phone. I hope to get the drone registered tomorrow and then go from there. I think for me as a beginner and only have a dji mini the google play store version would be plenty good enough.
I have only had little experience with forums and was not impressed. You have certainly changed my impression. You have really been helpful and I appreciate it greatly. Thank You Again

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Hi Terry,

glad I could help! I myself had lots of problems at the beginning, because at the beginning I only posessed a 32-bit Samsung A5. As I bought a used Mavic Mini, I need not to register. However, I bought a used 64-bit Samsung S7, I could install DJI Fly. But, as DJI Fly did not fit all me needs, I had to look for a substitute. So I discovered Rainbow, UgCS and Litchi and checked them out.

As Litchi got offered no costless version (like Rainbow and UgCS offered), I found a prepatched version in the internet, which I used for my first testing purposes. Of course, I could have stayed with that, but I liked it so much, that I bought it. This is especially also related to its good support.

The availabilty of a 32-bit version now, I belive, is related to my personal feedbacks. I am a linux-man, and in linux the relationship between users and developers is very narrow, so here it is, too.

That is the reason, why I kindly pay for it. Of course, Litchi IMO is (like all the others) far away from perfect! As TriBar stated, there is lots of stuff still missing and not implemented (registration option for example, is one thing, that should be added as soon as possible). But I suppose, we will see these things during the next months/years. And that is why I say: It is every penny worth!

Like I said:; I could use Rainbow (where I already found a full version in the internet) or UgCS, which is free at all on my 32-bit mobiles, but Litchi is close with its users, and that is what counts.

So, have fun with it!

Best regards


Hans, As I feel at home here already I am anxious to try my litchi app to fly with but I will have to learn all I can about the app before I try it. I flew my mini this morning with the dji fly app, only testing the controls landing a couple times. The temperature outdoors is 30 degrees F and we have something over 3 feet of snow on the ground so using much caution. Bright sun makes seeing the phone screen rather difficult. My old eyes do not like looking into bright sun. So now I am looking to study the litchi tutorial. Out of curiosity Hans where are you located geographically?

Hi Terry,

do not fear to try Litchi. Just as you I am also still learning Litchi. Not tested waypoints, and also the fine website with the map, where you can easily create waypoint, I still did not test.

Most important thing, which must always work, is return-to-home, because it is easy to loose this little drone out of sight, when it is far away from you. With 500-700m it is no more good to see, and when you are looking away, it is difficult to find it again in the sky. My eyes also are no more as good as 30 years ago (I am now almost 60), but I do not need glasses (only for things in the near, when reading for example).

For testing purposes I choose a wide area with almost no people around and where nothing dangerous can happen, when something is going wrong.

Settings in Litchi are always set to return-to-home, if battery is low, if transmission fails, if there is no signal and so on. And I set automatic-update-of-homepoint to the controller, so , if I walk 100m away from the starting point, it will land where I am at that moment.

I live in Europe, Germany, about 45km east of Hannover. Between Hannover and Braunschweig, there is a town called Peine.

Wheather the last weeks have been very windy, buut now temperatures are rising (now about 13-15 degrees Celsius) and wind is going down. I am looking forward, to go flying.

One thing I tried with a friend as spotter: Got a cheap ocular (you might know these “glasses”, where you can put your mobile in and get 3D-sight?), and tested with Litchi. So much joy! It is, as you are sitting in your drone and looking from above. The camera is controlled by the movement sensors in your mobile, when you look down, the camera looks down, if you look aside, the drone is turning aside. You can set, how fast this should be, very comfortable.

Howver, you must have someone beside you, as there is the rule of VLOS, and with the oculars on, this is not. But of course, you can test it in your garden, or somewhere, were no one is in sight.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I am happy, when I can help.

Best regards


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Just get the lastest android phone, it will work.