Android SDK for Phantom 3SE

I own a Phantom 3SE drone since 2018 and due to lack of knowledge at the time of buying the drone, I got confused with the difference between Phantom 3SE and 4K I ended up buying the Litchi App and only after a long time did I discover that the Litchi App does not support Phantom 3SE due to the lack of the DJI SDK (Android). Litchi App supports Phantom 3 (Standard/4K/Advanced/Professional) and why not Phantom 3SE? In view of this, there would be no possibility for LITCHI to request the aforementioned SDK (Android) for the Phantom 3SE from DJI, since all of the Phantom series work on the Litchi App. In this way, many owners around the world like me who honor Litchi for being an App with excellent functionality, so everyone would be very satisfied with such a solution so that we can use App Litchi. Without further ado, thank you for your attention. Thanks