Amazon appstore ending legacy support

Got some bad news in the email today…

" Hello Amazon Appstore Customer,
We want to let you know that Amazon Appstore on Android will no longer be supported on Android 6 Operating Systems or below. If you are using these older versions of Android OS, please update to a newer version so you can continue to enjoy using your apps via Amazon Appstore. Please update before May 20, 2024.
If you have any questions, please contact Amazon Customer Service.
Thank you for being a valued Amazon Customer,
The Amazon Appstore"

This is bad for my use of Litchi, if anyone else is on support with Amazon might want to suggest they provide legacy app support ‘somehow’.
Amazon appstore works where Google play won’t, on devices w/o google play… Litchi allows us to fly using 32bit older android devices DJI Fly won’t run on. Many of my old Android devices provide no means to upgrade Android OS that came stock. VR-TeK AVR1 for me; fun with litchi.

Litchi, maybe you can ask them to keep copyright reporting on legacy apps so when the app license checks are made, they get a proper response; and dare I say ability to still install the app on old appstore .apk 's…

Just a thought… How about a side loadable litchi .apk with litchi controlled license check(if any). ?

If you’re still using Android 6 or below, then you have a really ancient device

Does this mean that we will no longer be able to install Litchi on DJI monitors? To my best knowledge, the Crystalsky (with the latest firmware update) is still on Android 5, with no possibility to upgrade. Not sure about the Smart controller or the Phantom 4 controller.

If I install Litchi on my Crystalskies before may 20th, will they remain functional indefinitely?

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Is it an ancient device, or is a device that functions with no issues that can occur using a later Android version, I had the Litchi app on a Nexus 7 2013 tablet as it was a really good tablet

In the case of my VR-TEK AVR1’s(and their other models); There are no instructions/roms for updating to newer android; they also didn’t come with Google Play; only their own largely defunked app store… But Amazon App store loads on it; Litchi works on it; even the 'VR headset mode that controls the gimbal as you tilt your head… 1920x1080 screen; 2hr battery life playing a movie… imo great headset for the $20’s they cost.

It just stopped working on my smart controller today, but I’m running an old version on my tablet that will test tomorrow. The missions are showing up on the SM but the waypoints aren’t there. I hooked up the tablet and it load and shows the waypoints. I got my fingers crossed that I will be able to keep using the ipad mini5 and the older version.

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So, we are one day away from Amazon ending support for their App Store on legacy android devices. No feedback from Litchi developers. Is this the end of the road for Litchi on DJI devices?

I flew Litchi yesterday, not sure if it is related or not… But I had some authentication errors about session needing renewal… It brought me to the litchi login screen, but not having my PW on me at the time, I just swiped back(iir, not ‘skip’) and I was still logged in; was able to load my mission and fly as usual; did this for 2 flights/phone-startup’s…

I am a bad judge however, as I reluctantly update… “Everything needs an update”; but I update nothing until forced(You never know what update will remove some feature, break something or just shuffle-[language removed by moderator]-around)…