Altitude limit with Mini3 Pro

Although the altitude limit seems to be adjustable at first sight, it is not permanently stored, but resets itself to 120m after closing and reopening the settings.

It is essential for my intended inspection of wind turbines, to increase this limit to at least 250m.

Can you help?

Best Regards

By the way, the „classic Litchi“, used on my Mini2, does not have this limitation.

So use the mini 2, rather than the 3

This is not feasable for our application. The Mini 2 is not able to adjust positve gimbal pitch, however the Mini3pro does. And the Camera Qualtiy of the mini 3Pro is a lot better…

So I hope, that this artificially introduced limitation can simply be removed.

Think you might find it’s now in the firmware of the 3

Under Dji-Fly it is indeed possible to enter higher altitudes than 120m. I am using the latest dji-firmware for the mini 3 pro.

However, in litchi pilot it is slso possible to enter higher values. But when leaving the setting screen and reenter it, the altitude resets always automatically to 120m.

Due to rainy weather today, I was not able to test, whether a higher altitude can be reached anyway.

Test will be done tomorrow.

Not seeing this issue with our Mini 3 Pro on firmware 01.00.0700 in the UK
Setting max altitude to 250m stays that way in Litchi and also in DJI Fly
Maybe a problem specific to the country you are in? Or the location you are trying to fly in? You can check for restricted flight altitudes at DJI FlySafe

Thank you for the hint. I will check this. Even a factory reset and new Installation did not help.

And yes, i am located in a flight restricted area in Germany. However, the classical Litchi does not restrict the altitude on the mini 2 at the same place.

The effect occurs on both, an android Phone with RC N1 and on the RcPro controller combined with the mini3 pro.

A todays test showed, that the 120m restriction is actually set. A hand-flown test without waypoint plan stopped exactly at 120m.

Litchi Pilot itself does not set restrictions, these come from the DJI firmware. Did you unlock the restricted flight zone in DJI Fly?

No, I am not so familiaer with the dji flight zones and/or their unlocking procedure. First I will go to a place outside of the airspace „Class D“ (ICAO definition) and try to set the higher altitude limit.

We have developped an application, that produces a Litchi-importable .CSV File. This contains a waypoint based Flight plan around the rotor blades of wind turbines. It works flawless so far, but nowadays turbines can reach levels of 200m and above. For this reason it is important to overcome any altitude restrictions.

What we would wish in addition: the posibility of using RTK-Gps on the Mavic 3E, as this would allow us to fly closer to the surface to be inspected. May be, you could consider to offer this feature in the future for an optional additional fee?

For us Litchi is a valuable tool and we appreciate very much the clear concept of online and offline usage!

The 120m Problem persists even in non restricted Airspace. At the moment I am downloading the new build. Slow connection by through the phone-network, however.

Download finished, and indeed, the crash while loading missions is no longer occurring.

But this 120m limit is strange.

I found, that under DJI Fly the altitude limit can be permanently changed (not tried in the air up to now). Even after forced closing of the DjiFly and restart, the new limit persists.

BUT: opening Litchi beta after forced termination of DJIFly resets the limit to 120m. And after termination of Litchi beta and reentering DjI-Fly, the 120m are back again on DJIFly.

When starting Litchi beta after setting a higher altitude in Dji fly, for a fraction of a second this new altitude showed up in Litchi beta. But moved immediately back to 120m.

Conclusion: this behaviour must have to do witch some Litchi beta action. Could you please have an eye on this?

It is not Litchi itself restricting to 120m. Most likely the underlying DJI SDK that we use in order to connect to DJI drones is imposing that limit in your country/region. Only DJI’s SDK team could change that, we will ask them…

Regarding RTK support, we are planning to add support in the future but it is not the priority right now

Then let us hope, that DJI removes this unnecessary and restricting limit. We bought the Mini 3 unrestricted, and of course do not want to get the restriction by the backdoor of the DJI sdk!