Altitude is not what its supposed to be?

I set my drones altitude to be 10 meters which is 32 feet my drone was nowhere near 32 feet it barely covered the park light pole which is barely 15 feet tops so why is my drone so low ??? i double checked and its set for 10m

Can you share the project please?

It is not really clear what you are doing. However, if you have created a mission in the Mission Hub, the height you specify is the height above the home point, not above the ground below the drone (unless you have checked the “above ground” option).

You may need to provide us with more details.

It’s a mission with each waypoint height set at 10 m

Post at least a screenshot from the application

Hi Reuben,

Did any of the points I made apply to your situation? Is the area you are flying flat or are there significant changes in elevation? If not, you could make the mission in question “not private” (from the “open” dialog) and post a link to it. That may help us help you.

And by the way, welcome to the forum.