Altitude during waypoint runs

I tested the waypoints function with the dji mini 2 today at a ballfield. Fairly easy to set up except…
…I was under the impression that if I hover at an altitude the aircraft will follow at that altitude…with objects or obstructions in mind.
Instead the aircraft rose much higher 120 ft. It followed the lines and returned.

So my question what did I miss? How do you set altitude for a waypoint run?

Thanks in advance


In a waypoint mission, you specify the height (above take-off location) at each waypoint. The aircraft will then ascend or descend to the specified height at each waypoint using barometric pressure to determine its height.

If the “Above Ground” option is checked, the aircraft will use elevation data to maintain the specified height above ground. IMPORTANT: For this option to work as expected, waypoint number 1 should be located close (in height) to the take-off location.

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