Already pay for litchi


Is there anyway to recover litchi download? I’ve already payed and have to reset my dji smart controller and lost litchi app.


If you use the same login credentials on your device, you shouldnt be asked to pay again. If you changed to a new ID on the device when it was reset, you have become a different person and you will be asked to pay.

Follow the instructions on this page:

and make sure you use the same Amazon App Store credentials you used when you bought the Litchi App.

I’ve bought the litchi to my IPhone from AppStore. Also bought it directly to DJI smart controller from google play store.
Checked it and didn’t see it in my purchased apps. Weird.

You have to buy a copy to android and one to IOS right?

Yes. If you want to use Litchi on 2 different operating systems, it requires a separate purchase.
That is clearly stated in the FAQ #10.

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