Air2S same as Phantom 4A or Pro v2

Does Litchi operate the Air2S the same as it does on the P4A or P4Pv2? Specifically, will an Air2S complete a waypoint mission upon losing signal and not RTH?

Air 2S will abort the waypoint flight upon signal loss, like most if not all consumer drones of late

So what is different between the Air2S and the P4A/Pro/Prov2, other than a different drone. SDK different?

The SDK is the same for both drones, but the drone hardware itself is different. Phantom is built with On-board waypoint support (autonomous). The Air 2S is a VSC drone, which relies on the controller telling the drone every move to make (not autonomous).

Is there another DJI drone, that is supported by Litchi, that also has the autonomous function oyher than the P

Any model on this list that has “On-Board”.
You’ll notice that these are all earlier model drones. Its cheaper for DJI to build the VSC models, I’m sure.

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The drones that use Go4 app support this. I.e. Mavic 2 series, Mavic Air, Spark.
However, it depends also on the terrotory. On my Mavic 2 in Europe, Litchi does not give the option to continue mission on signal loss. The mission is still uploaded to the drone and flown 100% autonomous, but the option is unavailable in settings.

That’s correct because this option/setting doesn’t exist in Litchi.

There is a setting called “Exit Waypoint Mission on Signal Loss” y/n.
Even in Europe GO(4) drones, including your Mavic 2, are able to continue a waypoint mission on signal loss.

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Wow ok, I will check next time. I’m so used to flying Virtual Stick, where the option wouldn’t exist anyway, that I didn’t think how the option might be worded in Litchi for the Mavic 2.