Air2s - Repeatable Orbit

I have an Air2s and I want to document the construction of a project.
So I need to repeat an orbit at a specific elevation and radius every week. Can the Litchi Mission Planning on the website do this or is it only available on the app?
Can this also control the gimbal tilt as well?

Make a mission and save it

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You can not plan an orbit in the Mission Hub, only in the Litchi App.
Once you planned the Orbit to your likings, you can save it and load it at any time again.
The Orbit will control the gimbal tilt.


You could try this program.

It is a bit involved to sus out how to use it initially,
but this works perfectly for orbits of any radius, you load the output
file into a litchi mission and tweak the waypoints and gimbal pitch
to how you want it.
Then you can save it as a repeatable litchi mission.

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I have the same plan to get 360 degree orbits of a big construction sit build. Every 2 days I want to send my MA2 up to repeat the same exact orbit. So, using the Litchi app, I can save the Orbit mission and it’s settings and then just open the file every time and repeat the same exact flight? The end result I’m going for will be one 360 video where the construction time advances throughout the orbit until it ends at the completion of the apartment complex.

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Short answer: Yes.
However, the actual flite path will be subject to GPS accuracy and weather conditions.

GPS accuary is discussed in several other topics on this forum, you can use the search function to find them.

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Thanks. I’m assuming using Waypoint Mode instead, will not offer any better accuracy? I like Orbit for this situation as I’m going for the smoothest 360.

the actual flite path will be subject to GPS accuracy and weather conditions.

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I’ll take that. I can line the rest up when I edit it all together. Thank you.

If the gps error will be every time, then it does not matter that “orbit” or “waypoints” are used. But if the flight altitude is high, then it will be difficult to see the error

Hey how did this go? I’m going through the same process myself, same drone. I’ve installed Litchi but not used it yet. I’m interested to hear if it worked + any tips!

In my opinion it works but doesnt work as well as i would have liked. It will fly a path and repeat it but the gps accuracy isnt great. I also found it to be alot if work in post to try to fix that and the movement. While flying slow with tripod mode on creates a steady video normally it isnt as smooth using this app. Furthermore i found that despite telling it to point at the center of the rotation many times it would be off by quite a few degrees thus making a smooth time-lapse extremely hard to produce. So I stopped using the app.