Air2s Pitch Error

Hey Brian, good evening. I’m glad to hear that the problem has definitely been fixed, however, from what I saw on your Youtube video, I deduced and continue to believe that the problem may have been caused due to the various assignments to the pitch of the gimble at each waypoint. I bought the Air 2s as soon as it was on sale in my country, I did lots and lots of missions making movies using Litch and it never happened. That is, I flew using all firmwares and never had your problem. And it also never assigns different functions to each waypoint. Do you remember that the gimble pitch has a different function at each waypoint? So I believe that’s what happened. I have an Air 2S and I never had that problem you had, however, I have never assigned such different functions to each waypoint as you had assigned it. I live next to an airport and I don’t have that much freedom to carry out missions. In due course I’ll be doing new missions and trying to “confuse” the gimble pitch. I’ll tell you the result as soon as I run new missions. Big hug and good flights in this wonderful place.