Air 2s Waypoint question (controlling drone while on its route)

Hi all! Finally got Google maps, and the voice to not be a garbled mess with the Air 2s. I have read the guide multiple times and cant seem to figure out a way (If there even is one) that I can set my drone on a planned route setup via the hub or controller, and be able to control the rotation both of the drone and the camera as it follows the route. Is this an option?

In Mission settings set:
Heading Mode: Manual(UC)
Default Gimbal Pitch Mode: Disabled

Also in Waypoint settings set for each waypoint:
Gimbal Pitch: Disabled

Thank you so much! One other question. I use a smart controller. Do I need to occasionally turn DJI fly on and update it? And lastly, Is there a way in Litchii to adjust “Advanced gimble settings” like there is in DJI fly? I find that litchii is a bit to “snappy.” I know there is currently a bug with the air2S and Litchii that has something to do with Gimble so maybe that is the issue.

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Sometimes DJI releases an AC firmware update that adds new features to a drone. In most of these cases these added features will only work if you also update the FLY-app.
You should always read the release notes of your AC on the DJI website whenever and before you perform a firmware update.

Almost all settings you set in either DJI FLY or Litchi are stored in the Aircraft itself. So what you set in DJI FLY will still be active in Litchi, and vice versa.

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hello friends, I would like to ask if, in a waypoint, it is possible to get the manual control of the drone also for the speed?

You can read about it in the ‘Known Issues’ section:

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