Air 2S Firmware Update 03\15\2022

Does this firmware update address the Air 2S gimbal problem in Litchi?

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It does appear to fix the problem with the android app (gimbal position now updates correctly). The iOS app still has issues but these need a SDK update to be fixed. We will release an android update soon to remove the workarounds we put in for Air 2S.


I just updated the Air 2S firmaway today, 2022.03.26 using DJI Assistant 2 and the new firmway I got is: V02.04.2130. Remote Controller also updated to V04.12.00.56 using DJI Assistant 2
Litchi v4.22.0-g on Android.
While doing a Test Waypoint which I did several times before I noticed that the hight of the 1st Waypoint set equal to the hight above ground at that point is not correct. Instead the hights of all waypoints are related to the hight where the aircraft ( Air 2S ) took off ( Home Point ). This is definitevely not the case with my other drone, the DJI Spark. For DJI Spark all hights are measured relative to the hight above ground of the 1st waypoint.
Did somebody experienced this issues ? Is there a workaround to correct this ?
For an answer, many thanks in advance.

Additional Remark: I didn’t notice any gimbal error.

After consulting the Log Files I noticed a discrepancy between VPS Hight & IMU Hight.
Which altitude is used by Litchi for setting the hight of the 1st waypoint, the VPS Hight or the IMU hight ?

Many thanks for an aswer