Air 2s course lock?

Hi, I just downloaded and tried Litchi for the first time. It’s selling point for me was the course lock capability. However, in my test there I don’t see anything about course lock. Am I missing something?

Switch to fpv mode and press CL.

It doesn’t work on some drones

  1. Course Lock: When enabled, moving the right joystick up/down (mode 2) will move the aircraft forward/backward in the direction defined by its heading at the time Course Lock was enabled. Not supported by Mavic Mini 1/Mini SE/Mini 2/Mavic Air 2/Air 2S.
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Wow, that’s super lame

It’s basically all drones that run on the DJI Fly app. There is a Litchi function for the older drones (those that run on DJI Go) whereby you can set up two way points and then manually control the drone’s yaw, speed and even altitude while flying this mission. This I’d say is superior to course lock. The Litchi function on the new drones currently allows for yaw and altitude, but no variable speed control.

I can see how that would be superior. In my application I’m filming for a gym in a warehouse. I want to fly through the warehouse doors while yawing the contents of the interior (the gym) and pitching the gimbal. You think this will work?

I’m glad you found the advice helpful! It could work, but I would be very careful flying missions in tight spaces as the map positioning is sometimes not precise. For example, I tested a low flying mission in my garden and the positioning was off by about 3m and nearly went into the fence! I haven’t tested waypoint missions indoors, so not sure if it will cause issues with the drone’s GPS. I’d be interested to know if it worked for you!

I will let you know. I’m considering just getting a cinewhoop lol

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