AIR 2s BETA - Waypoints Signal Lost Option missing

Tested on BETA version JAN 15(?) Android

for Waypoints Mode I want to configure that the drone continues & finished a mission, even if the signal to RC is lost.

Expected Behavior
I go into Settings/AIRCRAFT/‘Exit Waypoint Mission on Signal Loss’ and turn setting to OFF.

Menu option exists on older drones (P3pro,P4pro,Mpro), but for Air 2s this option is missing, and default behavior is ON = mission is aborted + RTH after signal loss

→ please make this option available for Air 2s.


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Drones built for the DJI FLY App (Mavic Mini & newer) are controlled using “Virtual Stick Commands” which are send to the drone continously by the remote controller.
This is a very different aproach as formerly where the mission is uploaded to the drone and the drone does (almost) everything by itself. You can even turn off the controller and the mission will be completed. With these newer drones you can’t, Every disconnect between the aircraft and the controller, even miliseconds, means 1 or more specific control-command(s) will not be executed until connection is re-established again. When the disconnect takes too long, RTH will be executed.

I’m very disappointed DJI went this way !


thanks for that info.

but how about Dronelink - supposedly all that works there…?

ALL 3rd-party apps use the same DJI SDK (Software Development Kit).

It is not possible to do waypoints beyond signal range for the latest DJI drones (the ones that use DJI Fly)

it litchi still a beta for the dji air 2s ?


it will do waypoints just fine for the dji air 2s or is there issues ?

No major issues doing waypoint with Air 2S. If you use Focus POI or Interpolate you may in some cases experience jerky gimbal movements but it should normally be rare and will be fixed once DJI issues a firmware update with the gimbal bug fix.