After Waypoint 17 no more actions + other question

Hey Litchi users,

  1. After waypoint 17 the mission is no more doing actions, what can be the reason?

  2. (check printscreen): Is 'Stay for 2 sec + Take Photo + Start recording a good order or is that maybe the issue of my problem?

  3. What does 20.0kr what does that mean? (checkbox printscreen)

Thanks in advance

If you share the actual project, maybe someone can take a pepper lol and see what’s going on

Here you go :smiley:

I think you forgot to uncheck the Private box.

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O, cool option! It’s open now

The only thing I see different in the Waypoints just happens to be at #17.
For some reason (and I am not positive it will cause your problem) you have ‘Gimbal Pitch’ set to ‘Disabled’
All other Waypoints have it set to Focus POI.

That’s just a glitch in the mission hub.

What type of drone are you using ?
I suspect your camera is set to AFC (Autofucus Continuous).
When the instruction to take a photo happens to take place when the camera is performing a refocus, it will be ignored.
Set your camera to manual focus (MF) or auto focus (AF).

Ah alright! I think the Mavic Mini 2 does not have this option.

Thanks for informing me, I gonne do another test run now!

PS: Is it possible to run Litchi on another device (Android), when Purchased on IOS?
Or do I have to buy it again :smiley:

Read FAQ #10