After downloading Litchi Unlock certificate disappeared from DJI GO 4


I downloaded Litchi to my 7" Crystalsky 2 nights ago. Yesterday I tried to fly my Inspire2 which has a unlock cert from Drone-hacks. The unlock certificate section of the menu in DJI GO 4 has disappeared and been replaced by a warnings section. There is no where I can access to unlock geo zones any more on the 7" Crystalsky.

I tried my 5" crystalsky and it worked like it should. The unlock cert was unchanged. The 5" does not have Litchi yet.

Drone-Hacks doesn’t understand whats going on either… I’m thinking DJI did something when I had my Crystalsky 7" connected to internet.

Any ideas how to fix the 7" Crystalsky? Or what might have happened?