Advice please ... DJI Warning zone and Litchi reactions

I live 10 metres outside of a locked No Fly Zone which I have no wish to unlock. I live within the controlled airspace of a military airfield. Air Traffic Control have granted written permission for me to fly below 200’ without further contact being required.

I have flown my Mini 2 using DJI Fly for 2 years without any problems… I simply acknowledge that I accept responsibility for my action whenever the DJI App asks for it (every time I take off at home)… No problems so far…

Having installed Litchi successfully and having flown successfully away from home and without a warning about the area I was flying in from the App, I decided to create a mission to fly around our garden perimeter at 68 feet AGL… Mission started as expected but once air-born the drone stopped any action and just hovered. I regained control and could fly normally around the planned route…

I assume that I need to load DJI Fly first, accept the warning and then unload DJI Fly and launch Litchi. My question (told you it was wordy) is… Have I read the situation correctly or not?
If not correct I would welcome a solution… Thanks for your patience🤩

No. Did you have any other problems. try again

No other problem … Fly’s normally with DJI Fly reloaded.

Trying again repeated the issue.

Go to DJI fly safe website ( Fly Safe - DJI ) and get a custom unlock code for your aircraft, you supply your aircraft Flight Controller (FC) number (not serial number), as well as indicate where you will fly, provide any applicable authorizations etc, can take as little as 10-15 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes.

Once you get the unlock code, it appears in your fly app. For all subsequent flights, simply select unlock, select the unlock code and good to go, takes a few seconds, close fly app, launch Litchi or other apps and go fly.

If you stay in same area, you can leave unlock code enabled. Btw, DJI also enforces enhanced warning zones, for example outside of controlled airspace on extended approach paths for runways, you might want or need an unlock for those as well.

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I understand all of that thank you
However I can fly just my side of the enhanced zone without any problems using DJI Fly and without any unlocking. It’s just Litchi that seems to be overly sensitive with regard to my proximity to the enhanced zone boundary. I’m outside of all runway extension zones too.

Get a DJI unlock code for the area outside the enhanced zone, then enable it and litchi should work just fine.

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