Adjusting advanced gimble control in DJI fly not Transfering to Litchii Air2S

So I tried adjusting the settings for advanced gimbal control. I was told on here that you adjust those in the DJI fly app and they transfer over to Litchii, but I cant get it to work. Especially when in waypoint flying. I like to set waypoints and have full control over direction drone/camera are facing. It has the feel of sport mode while running its waypoints. anyone have any tips?

If two adjacent waypoints have different altitudes/headings/gimbal pitch, then the these will gradually change as the aircraft flies between those waypoints.
Rotation- and gimbal speed in waypoint actions is fixed.

understood. Its not so much the movement of the camera up and down thats the issue, its when I want to rotate the air2s to face a different direction that is the issue.

So… use a curved turn mission.

Hi Tom Brown, I’m struggling with the exact same problem. Regardless of the advanced settings you choose for the gimbal, once in waypoint mode the joysticks are extremely sensitive, becoming impossible to drive the camera smoothly.
I’ve tried to find a solution and so far I haven’t gotten a response. I don’t even know if it will be resolved in the future.
Due to the problems that the camera presents in full automatic Waypoint mode, this would be the perfect solution.

I even changed the left joystick for a long one, to be able to control it better, and even then it’s still very difficult to control the rotation of the camera. As you can see in this photo:

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Yes. If anything, it has taught me to have a feather like touch when it comes to controls and has made me better at flying through the forest and other tight places!