Adjusting advanced gimbal settings

I have just purchased a Mini 2 and the Litchi app because I am concerned about my privacy since DJI removed their apps from the Google Play store in order not to have to conform to their data collection policies.

I am happy with the Litchi app, however, I‘d like to have some of the functionality the DJI app offers. More specifically I want advanced gimbal controls to set speed and smoothness.

My question is:
I want to use an „empty“ android device that has only the DJI app installed and adjust the advanced gimbal settings there. Then I want to use my normal mobile phone that has only Litchi installed with the Mini 2 controller. Will the settings from the DJI app be carried over, that is: Are these settings saved in the drone or the controller memory like some other settings (e.g. RTH altitude etc are saved inside the drone)?

Yes, most of those advanced gimbal settings are saved in the drone and therefor, are persistent for Litchi as well.