Adjust/correct the GPS

The GPS accuracy of the Mini 2 can be off by as much as 5 to 10 meters.
This is rather annoying when trying to fly an automated path close to an obstacle like a building.
Is there a way to adjust or correct the GPS or to shift the entire automated flight (eg all waypoints) by some amount ?

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I think it is not a GPS problem, instead a maps problem. In some areas (including where I live) the maps aren’t good quality and they are shifted.
Answering your question: Yes, there is Batch Edit.

No, it’s not. My position on the phone is correct on the map. And the drone is located with an offset

I tested the GPS location in my boat, motorhome and two cars. Not one of them stacks up on the other. Worst case is 3’ error and that is relative to coordinates. Mapping shows much more error.
10 meters seems a bit much: 39’. Maybe do a side by side with a handheld to verify?

Need a function to calibrate the map relative to the position of the drone.

For fpv this is not important, but for the mission it is very useful

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I just took my 2s out back and as I walked with the drone in my hand it was spot on with the map. My Samsung S8 has a calibration function for google maps and I did the calibration awhile ago due to the drone being off from the map. However mine was only off about 15 feet. Maybe this is a simple case of calibrating the phone/tablet gps accuracy. Google calibrating gps for your phone model and see if that helps you.
Good Luck

How do you set up maps on s8?

After all, the position of the phone shows correctly. But the drone is different from this position, even if I hold it in my other hand

In the Mission Hub you can use the “Move” button (Lower Left) to move a complete mission to another location.