Adding a 3D simulation tool in Mission Hub

With this you could preview the mission in 3D within Mission Hub without having to use a third party tool like VLM

Sounds a good idea, some of the 3D images in Google earth are not very good (being polite!)

I think the purpose of images in GE is collision avoidance, not pretty views :slight_smile:

@vico, this is an excellent idea, but with only 3 votes it would seem other people don’t want it. However I have seen many posts asking for this exact thing. This is why I mentioned having a voting page to see what issues are still open to be voted on. This is an old post and I only have 4 votes left, so should I cast my vote on something I want but likely won’t even be seen or voted on by other readers since most can’t find the post? (It took me a month of reading before I found this 3D Simulation post of yours.) It really is a great idea! (Have you tried to get feedback from the Litchi Facebook Community?)