Add special moves to mission

I am new to litchi and trying to create a mission for my dji mini 2
Is it not possible to add special action to a mission, like flying round an object (without adding lots of waypoints) or things like a spiral, dronie or boomerang ?

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At this point this is NOT possible.

Waypoint action idea:
-Reverse to waypoint X (dropdown of which waypoint to reverse to so that the drone will go back the way it came one waypoint at a time.
-Change POI the gimbal is directed to. So I can stay on a waypoint but record or shoot another POI from the same location without creating another Waypoint.

It’s possible but with some work like to do the mission in Civil 3D. In that software and working with .csv, everything is possible.

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Is it possible to automate the landing gears on a matrice 600 pro. Here’s the thing when flying mission and it disconnects from the the controller, is there a way where I can set the landing gear to open at a waypoint and still complete the mission???

Dang… I just made a suggestion about orbiting a POI before I saw this…