Add + Indicator (crosshair) in middle of the screen as grid line option (like in DJI Fly)

I would like to have the option to display a + sign in the middle of the screen like in DJI Fly app, that’s very useful for flying though stuff with the drone, I put my gimbal tilt on 0 degrees and look at the + sign, know if it’s going to hit something or not. I know there is the option to display rule of thirds and X but that’s too much, I would like the option to enable only a + in the middle and not the rule of thirds and X all together.

I totally agree! I have the diagonals turned on just so I can see the center. If I had a vote left, I would vote for this!


100% need crosshairs

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Only having 6 votes or so is really inadequate when there are so many issues that need to be voted on.

There is no need to add anything to litchi.

@paxxa, good reminder of available functions within Litchi. Was this available back in February when this thread was started?

Was available back in version 4.17