Active track loses an object almost always

Mini 2, Android. Why don’t developers solve the problem with the very poor performance of the “active track” function (not GPS)? This mode almost never works normally - it constantly loses the object, in all internal modes, with the flyby of the object, it’s generally a disaster, the drone starts to increase the radius itself, loses the object and behaves inadequately, flying a considerable distance from the object, as an example, I set a radius of 8 meters, height of 3 meters, walking, and after 10 seconds I see that the drone is already 20-25 meters away from me, flying chaotically - it lost me, it flies into a tree, it’s scary! The DJI application has no problems with this, their tracking of the selected object in smart functions works fine and the circle and the spiral and the rocket and the rest do not lose the object. (extremely rare)

I purchased the app for this function.
Sadly It has been a waste of money with a Mini 2 and a Samsung S20+

Even with high contrast clothing It’s unable to track reliably.

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Activetrack litchi

Про какой режим вы говорите?

I agree. The track mode is the reason I bought the app, and its performance is atrocious. I have tried it in low light, broad daylight, high contrast, low contrast… Tracking vehicles? Almost instantly loses the lock and tracks the road. People? It drifts from person to person and the moment they change angles it’s gone.

I had high hopes for the feature but it’s currently just about useless. I would really like to see it improved.