Actions in mission hub

I have a mini se and an iphone 8. when I go to mission hub and start placing waypoints I am not able to create actions. There is a button for panorama preset that add several actions but they done have rth and a couple of others

RTH is a Mission setting, not an action.
Actions are Waypoint settings.
Tap the plus-button in the lower-left corner to add an action:

I highly recommend you read the Online User GUide:

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I did I did read the manual. In fact I printed it out so I could really study :slight_smile: The snapshot of the screen you did shows the problem. I am using a macbook with a somewhat short screen and the plus sign does not show at the bottom left and I can’t seem to scroll down to it. I will change to a pc laptop and see if that works. I had seen that + in one of the dozen tutorials and wondered if that was the problem. I did computer software for 35 years so I should have figured that out sooner. Thank you thank you thank you… 2:30 this morning I was somewhat frustrated big :slight_smile:

There’s no zoom function ?
Like Chrome has on a windows PC.

Ok now excuse excuse time :slight_smile: I’ve been retired for 12 years. Built a house. started a vineyard and a winery, yada yada yada

Yes the zoom worked :slight_smile:
thank you