Action at waypoints unrelated to the drone flight

This may be a little hyper-specific of a feature, but I was thinking about how one could record a music video - doing the same flight multiple times through waypoints - but where one of the waypoints triggers audio playback. In effect, someone could have bluetooth headphones on and hear the audio, which would start at the same time each flight. Right now I’d imagine you’d have to have two people, one hitting play on a music device, one pressing play on the drone flight waypoints, at the same time. Again, I know that’s a very specific use-case, but I wonder if the broader implementation of an action trigger outside of the drone flight at waypoints could have more uses.

Would not a soundtrack be a feature that is dubbed over during the post-production editing process, rather than be triggered by user inputs after the waypoint flight’s video footage has been recorded? I might be misunderstanding this question though.