Accuracy of waypoints in windy conditions

On more windy days I noticed that my Mini 2 is struggling to get through the waypoints. It’s not windy enough that it’d be unsafe and I can easily fly “close enough” manually and take the photos I need. However the automatic hovering system struggles with gusts of wind, overshooting the waypoints then overcorrecting for that and eventually gives up.

Is there a way of “reducing the precision” for waypoints so that the mission can still be flown automatically?

For my use case, I don’t need much accuracy and I’m willing to accept 10-15m off the point, but it seems that the positioning system in litchii (or DJI?) has much stricter standard than what I need.

There is not.

You could post this as a request in the ‘Ideas & Suggestions’ category:

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Don’t think it’s wind issues. Think it’s height, Did solve my issues. Low flight, keep the mission close to controller, place it center, if that’s possible.