Access telemetry in real time


I am working on a bachelor’s thesis on drone security and figuring out a way how to access the drone’s telemetry in real time.

With no previous experience with Android development, I can’t get DJI SDK to work (Mini 3 Pro) and I am looking for easier ways to do this.

With Litchi’s customisation, is it possible to access the telemetry in real time and send it to a server / is it possible to access the telemetry in real time via an application on a computer?

Thank you very much

Is there something like Litchi Vue but for telemetry to be directly accessed from elsewhere?
Or is telemetry transmitted via RTMP?
Or is there any API / open source / app integration option in which way this can be easily achieved?

Or logs? Are they generated continuously? Could they be accessed from other app?

While we have received this request a few times, unfortunately at this time we don’t provide a solution to stream telemetry. The DJI SDK works fine with Mini 3 Pro, you have to use the latest version.

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That’s a pity
Thank you for your reply

So there is not an option to include the telemetry with RTMP? Height and distance from starting point are the only data I need access to (1 per minute would be fine), even accessible through computer vision would be fine

My problem with DJI SDK is that it can’t be used alongside other application, so it limits the functionality of my drone unless I program it myself, which I don’t want to, I just need the telemetry