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I bought access to Litchi on one of my mobile phones 2-3 years ago. and now I want Litchi on one of the other phones, do I have to buy access again 250DKr I already have an account.

I ask because when I want to download Litchi on the other phone I have to pay DKK 250 again, can it be true, what do I do

With best regards
Niels Kristian Lützau Lund

If you are using the same login ID (Android or IOS) then you shouldn’t be asked to purchase it again.
Make sure you are using the same login, as when you purchased it in Oct 2022.
If you want to install it on a different platform, you will have to purchase it again.

From the Litchi Help FAQ:

10. I purchased the app on one device, can I install it on other devices?

You can install the app on as many devices as you want as long as they use the same platform and the same “main” account (Google, Apple or Amazon) that was used for the original purchase. If you wish to use Litchi on two or more platforms you will need to purchase it on each one.

Hi Litchi

I can see now that it was another provider of e-mails, Jubii mails, but it’s been more than 90 days so they can’t sort out the e-mails so they are lost. my email was previously but has now changed to
so what do we do about it, I hope you can help.

Sincerely, Niels Kristian Lützau Lund

If you can still use your previous email address to sign into Google Play Store or Apple, then you should be able to download it. Even if your current email has changed, you might still be able to log into the app store.

HI Sam_G

YES YES YES, it worked when I finally found the old google account and password.

Again, many thanks for the help

With best regards
Niels K L Lund

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