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Hey guys… went to fly my mini this morning… and find my dji fly app has been deleted… and it now pulled from the Play Store as well? Trust issues I guess…

Any ways, I was a beta tester for Litchi… and I cant think of a better opportunity for me to sell my wife on the immediate “need” to purchase a full license… Any discount codes you might share to guarantee I seal the deal with her?

Either way I’ll still be purchasing by this afternoon since I’ve been delaying the inevitable… Great software regardless!

DJI… great drones but that’s gotta hurt… Wasnt the big Mini 3 launch just the last day or two…? You guys celebrating at all? :smiley:

Shawn from the other side of the pond…:slight_smile:

Hi, We would link to have a feature of Auto RTMP streaming enabled while loading saved missions.


Add auto RTMP streaming enabled when the mission starts.