About Litchi compatibility

Hi to all.
Newbie in this forum, I’m about to buy litchi, but I don’t know if it will ever work on my tablet, a big Samsung Tab A 10.5 inches I onw.
The OS installed on it is Android 9 -32bit.
It’s a 2019 model.

I own a Mavic Mini 2 drone, right now.


The latest version of Litchi is compatible with 32bit android.


Thank you, Tribar.

I bought and installed Litchi for Android, and it works with my Samsung Tab A (SM-T510).
This tablet is quite odd, since the fact that it is equipped with a octacore 64bit CPU, but the firmware does not allow the installation of any 64 bit android version. I downloaded and installed Android 11, but the 32 bit version.

In any case it works, I tried to make the Mini 2 fly at home two hours ago and I did it, but the gimbal was somewhat sloped (right down).
I wasn’t able to fix it as I didn’t find any “gimbal calibration” menu option in Litchi, so I dunno if it is an incompatibility problem or I have to try something different in order to align the gimbal.

I didn’t find the IMU calibration option too, but the compass calibration is clearly available.
Tomorrow morning I’ll try to make the drone fly in open air, but frankly speaking I’m afraid a little bit, as I’ve read that it’s possible to loose control of the drone.

Calibration does not affect flying in litchi in any way.

Your drone should hold the tilt without any program after it is turned on.

Right, Bpa.

yesterday night I didn’t try Litchi enough.
Today i tried several “combinations”.

As far as I’ve seen the drone has to be started (and the gimbal should stabilize) BEFORE to turn on the remote command, in the other case (maybe) Litchi overrides the internal calibration of the gimbal and it goes out of calibration (of some 15° or more! …making the camera impossible to be used).

I’m using a 64bit tablet with a 32bit Android, as I wrote before (and the usage of a 64 bit Android version on it is impossible, at the moment), so I think that I will always keep the DJI app on my Huawei P20 smartphone travelling (using it just for the calibrations from time to time), using Litchi on the tablet to fly, taking advantage of the 10.1’ inches with its superior lighting and colors characteristics.

Unfortunately, as far as I know, DJI care refresh will not cover the possible drone damages in flight, if the possible accident happens using a non standard APP.

Isn’t it?

thank you again.