Ability to use Waypoint actions with curved turns

My understanding is that when using waypoints with a curved change of direction, the camera instructions don’t work. This because these are “triggered” by the waypoint co-ordinates, for the want of a better explanation.

In order that this functionality is incorporated for such waypoints has consideration been given to: -

Either incorporate an algorithm that will force exact overflight of the waypoint, whereby the curved path passes over the Waypoint

Or to use an algorithm to approximate the halfway point of the curved track, and make that the “trigger” to release the camera instructions?

This would enhance the performance of the application.

I would prefer this method.


You CAN use the intervalometer to take photos on a curved turns flight. Set it to turn it on at one waypoint and off at the next. It can be set by time or distance. Look for it on the individual waypoint settings, under Interval (just above waypoint actions) or you can have it do photos for the entire mission using Interval in Mission Settings, either on Mission Hub or the app.

Thank You DragonFly_Aerials.

I have taken onboard your advice and the clear detail of where to find this.

For sure that would work nicely for photos and I shall certainly try this. I have has a quick look but need to understand a bit more to understand. I have a Mavic Mini and a Mini 2. Maybe this does not work for these small drones??

My comment was more to Video filming where the camera needs to be instructed coincident to the drone being at the way point. Case in point, to take an outward looking continuous view, for a set radius circle, I fly the drone manually from the home point to above all obstructions. Once clear, I set the planned mission in action. The drone flies to the first way point, is instructed to say for 10s to stabilize and ensure it at the way point, then start the camera and flying the circle commences, (in fact circle has 12+2 30° way points, one before and one after the selected view. This allows a rather steady, but not perfect flight, as the first and last points were is starts and stops can be cut on editing. This maybe can be addressed by using your method as a “time-lapse”?

Not sure what you mean by 12+2 30°, but if you are flying an orbit around something, you can do it either via an Orbit flight, or use Google Earth and the circle tool, to draw the orbit (click and drag) and then export it as a KML file and import it into a Litchi waypoint flight and drag your first waypoint out to where you are taking off from and drag the last one out to where you want it to go after the orbit. If you set a POI and Use Focus POI, you can fly the orbit looking in and set the height to look up or down, or looking out, or looking forward and flying forward, or looking forward and flying backward around the circle. The Google Earth Method might sound difficult, but it takes seconds to do.