Ability to add more than 99 waypoints per mission

As title says, please vote if you would like to see this in Litchi.

It is possible to increase it for newer DJI drones (the ones that use DJI Fly as official app)
For older DJI drones, several missions need to be chained in order to go beyond 99 waypoints

yep, I hit this limit and needed at least another 40 waypoints for my mission

It is very necessary to add such functionality to Litchi

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I understand that the 99 waypoints limits is bounded to DJI itself. It’s a very annoying limit for a modern equipment like a DJI Mavic o Phantom 4. For flights who follow the terrain, this limit is very easy to reach, limiting the mission coverage. For new drones, like the Matrice 300, the limit was updated to a much higher number: 65536.
Will be fantastic to allow users to circumvent this limits, at least with modern drones

This is in beta testing now, let us know if there are any issues with it!