A question about using Google Earth Pro

Hello, I am learning the Mission Hub and I want to view the mission in Google Earth Pro in actual flight mode. I am using the Opera browser but I saw something that said that I need to use GE with the Chrome browser in order to do that. Is this true?


No, Chrome is not a requirement.

To transfer and fly your mission in Google Earth Pro you need to use Virtual Litchi Mission. Either the VLM Windows application or the VLM browser extension will work. I do not know if there is a VLM browser extension for Opera. I know there is for both Firefox and Chrome.


Thank you for that information. I installed Chrome and I searched for the VLM extension but it was not found so I am really stumped now. I downloaded and installed Google Earth Pro on my desktop and I can open the KLM file in it and I see the mission I set up but I do not see a way to run it as a video file. I hope I am wording that right but I am not sure. Any further help with this will be greatly appreciated.

Here are some useful tips by the Litchi Admin which include a link to the Chrome VLM Extension. The export option will be in RED if everything is working properly, then save the mission file on your computer and then open it with Google Earth. First click on the mission and then click on Virtual Mission and your VLM will start.


Nov '20

  • Be sure to read the Litchi user guide
  • Get your free course brought to you by Laurence Seberini
  • Plan waypoint missions online from your desktop with Litchi’s Mission Hub (for Windows/Mac computers)
  • Preview your waypoint missions in 3D using Mission Hub , Google Earth Pro and the Litchi Virtual Mission Chrome extension
  • Uncheck “private” in missions tab before sharing the URL of a mission on Mission Hub
  • To regain control of your drone at any time during an autonomous flight, change the flight mode of your drone to Sport mode and then back to Normal
  • The Google Play Store, iOS App Store and Amazon App Store use different licensing systems, if you wish to use Litchi on two or more platforms you will need to purchase it on each one
  • You can install Litchi on a DJI monitor by following this guide
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