A pre determined/saved mission does not run when dowloaded. Air2S

Here’re the technical specs.
Air 2S with the latest firmware. 11" iPad Pro (3rd gen) on my controller.
I pre-set a mission using my browser that I wanted to fly at a new location.
Attempt #1: I first ran some DJI Fly, then landed the drone, closed DJI fly, loaded Litchi, loaded the mission from my saved list. Pressed play, selected Waypoint 1, then nothing! The engines didn’t;t spin up or anything.
Attempt #2: Loaded a 2nd mission then was told that Waypoint 1 was too far away and I couldn’t runthe mission. It was about 1000 foot out over water,.
Attempt #3: After running Active Track on DJI Fly, I closed down the DJI App, loaded Litchi and the mission. Then told I couldn’t run the mission because I was in active track mode. So I turned everything off - the drone, the controller & Litchi. Started then all back up again and got the same message.

One more thing! It tells me I need to format the SD card, which alrteady is formatted by DJI. If I were to refomat it in Litchi it would erase all my photos! How can I designate the internal HD drive as traget for recordings, bypassing the SD card

On my Air 2S using iPad Air2, I have to wait 3 or 4 seconds after ‘swiping’ the DJI Fly app closed before can launch Litchi.

It sounds like the DJI Fly app isnt completely gone before Litchi is being started.

I have the iPad Pro 3 11". I will try the delay and see what happens. Thanks