4K Aerial Bergen - Chasing Daylight. Made possible by Litchi!

Hope it’s OK to post a link to a video here. I’m so excited by the possibilities of Litchi waypoint missions. We recently visited Bergen and I flew the same Litchi mission 3 times - early morning, late evening and night and I’ve put them together to music so it changes from day to evening to night fairly seamlessly.


A true work of art. The scenery is spectacular, and the use of Litch to create cinematic footage is tastefully executed. Nice moody soundtrack as well. To think that not very long ago producing this kind of imagery would have cost a small fortune.

You can still see small jerks on the video, typical for litchi

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Yes, that’s something I can’t do anything about - I wonder if de-shaker software would make it less noticeable?
Also, is it Litchi’s fault or is it DJI’s for not allowing the same level of control with 3rd party apps?

Thanks so much, glad you liked it. After a lot of constructive criticism in the forums, I’ve re-edited it to try to make it better.


I think even google stabilization will do better.
The problem with all stabilizers is that they can distort the image and make it worse.

What app did you use? I think it was necessary to apply the deshaker only in some segments

I didn’t realise it, but the editor I use (Videproc) has a deshaker with it. I do have to process all the required clips through it (and so far it has taken all day just to process 5 clips) but the results are markedly smoother, so when it’s done them all, I’ll insert the new clips into the edit and hopefully no-one will know I used Litchi!

What if you gradually show the next clip… so that they gradually transitioned into each other

But I like the video… from my home town!!! Well done!

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yes video effects would be nice

What I was trying to do with the transitions is tie them in with the music, so that you get the wow factor of the image changing exactly when the music changes - the music is a very important part of this video for me and I was worried that if I put in proper transitions that it might lose some impact. So many people have commented on this though that I should give it a try - either people haven’t been listening to the music with the video, or I’ve been putting way too much importance on the split second timing - I suspect it’s me that’s the problem!

I think you should try android apps. VN, power director. They are very convenient to adjust the speed.

Well done! Great subject matter is excellent. So your only issue is the edit. Your editing software is responsible for the smooth transitions. Great video! And good luck to you…

Thanks rbwheeler. I will be posting a short clip soon with a comparison with my original edit and one with short transitions between clips. It will be interesting to see whether I’m going in the right direction. If so, then I will re-edit the video to add in the transitions - and the Litchi mission shots will have been ‘deshaked’ as well.

How did you make a video over the railway is interesting

Yes the video over the railway was a particular challenge :slightly_smiling_face:
In the end, I just sat in the front of the funicular and used my GoPro.

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